Collection Law

Our collection and debt attorneys handle large and small claims.  We are members of the National List and the National Association of Subrogation Professionals (NASP).  We perform retail and commercial collections, registration of foreign judgments and execution thereon.  We are considered a leader in collection law in Colorado, including subrogation claims.

We find people who are at fault and owe money; then aggressively, but ethically pursue them, and collect what they owe. We have thousands of jars of turnip blood to prove it!   

At every step in the collection process, we consider the collection potential.  In most circumstances we do not get paid unless our clients get paid.

Our collection services include:

- Business/ commercial collections

- Promissory note collection

- Contract collections

Our collection efforts also include:

- Obtaining judgments

- Not resting on them

- Effective Execution

- Suspending driving permits

- Renewing judgments

- Domesticating judgments

- Garnishments

- Writs of Execution

- Writs of Attachment, pre-judgment when called for

- Real property liens

- Seizure of assets

- Judicial foreclosures where merited and with client approval

- Setting up and enforcing payment plans, usually through court aegis

- Attacking fraudulent conveyances to avoid collection

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